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Sebi bricks are compressed chemically, stabilized, unburnt and hollow. They are organic, eco-friendly, lighter and are superior high tech bricks available at current market price.


SEBI bricks are neither burnt nor handmade. They are made with a special inorganic chemical, tested by JIS, courtesy of Eiken Co Ltd. After visiting Nepal and noticing the poor quality of construction materials, Japanese scientists stimulated the directors of SEBI to contemplate making high quality eco bricks using one of their chemicals used in casting concrete foundations. This chemical prevents damage to concrete that is in contact with soil. The challenge was to produce an excellent eco-friendly brick at an affordable cost. After months of intensive testing, an affordable Eco-friendly, non-polluting clean green brick was developed. The chemical was developed to prevent damage to concrete foundations. The chemical is used extensively in Japan to stabilize landslide prone hilly slopes, as well as casting pavements. The same is also used in laying low cost driveways. Bricks made using this advanced technology are highly robust.


We make a lasting commitment to sustainability and a promise of a greener future. The foremost mission of SEBI is to transform the entire polluting Brick industry, bring about substantial changes to the environment and educate the people on the benefits of using environmentally friendly products. The extensive research and hard work in putting the product together will ensure this. Our mission is to provide our patrons with an alternative to the polluting clay bricks and contribute towards improving the air quality of Kathmandu Valley